Post meridian pole

I spin the yarn and dye the colors and a friend and I knit them and sew them on the poles. This friend is working on her street art moniker. Being anonymous is delightful, art can be so too self important and about how much money and fame you can get .Which feels not free. In every way.

I am very relaxed sewing these on, people are very encouraging. “make more” says the bunny lady We are.

Look on the comments page,there is a link to a flicker page of pictures that someone took that are way better than mine. Getting comments is thrilling .

3 thoughts on “Post meridian pole

  1. I’t been wonderful seeing these splashes of color grow up in our neighborhood this spring; we look forward to more.

  2. I just saw your work for the first time while walking with my kids on Solano. The kids loved seeing the pole and got excited about someone installing art on the street for everyone to see. Thanks for your efforts and please keep it up.

  3. I am overjoyed that this has sprung up, as are ALL others to whom I’ve talked.

    We desire one if possible on the DIAGONAL pole infront of 1649 Ocean View if you’all are interested. It’s a new challenge for You. The recent spiral-color is especially nice.
    Without the blog-site tags I couldn’t find you, but did find others mostly back East and in the UK. We all can use Art!
    Post-Meridian Restaurant is also a supporter!
    Thank you again,
    Maggie’s Da

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