Next round of knitting

I love the Colusa Corner store and wanted to make it more glorious. Knitting these ” pole warmers” as my partner calls them, has moved me into a very bright,almost neon pallet, so they will show up at a distance. Like the colors for backhoes and steamrollers. And legos. I really like knitting them, Knitting has often been thought of as a little bit of a waste of time, so this is such a great example of wasting time, or rather time as a pure entertainment.

4 thoughts on “Next round of knitting

  1. I would love to have a knitting art sign cozy on my street – how do I find out who might do that or show me how to create my own?

  2. The Richmond Annex could really use your work! Carlson Street between San Mateo and Placer Street (where I live) could really use a pick-me-up as it is currently getting ripped up and retrofitted by ebmud and will eventually be repaved. It’s been a long, noisy, dusty summer for the residents on or near the street (from San Mateo all the way up to Van Fleet) and this would really boost our spirits.
    My 4 year old son and I LOVE your installations. Try not to get into car accidents while looking for them.

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