Colusa stop sign and Nan Phelps Pole

I’ve realized that sewing the pole cosies up and talking to people as we do it is a big part of the art. While I sewed up the Stop sign pole some drivers would notice and shout encouragement, little kids would look shocked and thrilled and one woman got out to talk. Neighborhood people are very ambitious “Cover all the poles” They urge. This encouragement is really the most fun response to my art I think I’ve had in my years of art making, It’s not like showing in a gallery where it’s about  people wanting to buy something, it’s about everyone’s communal space and making it look pretty and suprising and different. And about seeing someone in the process of making art in a random and ordinary space, small children especially approve of this.The sewing up the pieces is like the performance part and anyone can comment.

4 thoughts on “Colusa stop sign and Nan Phelps Pole

  1. Dear Yarnbomber-
    Just tonight saw the “White Magnolia” NO PARKING THIS SIDE OF STREET sign in yarn: Love it!!!
    You go Yarnspinner! I love it all!
    Have You thought about Yarnbombing the trunk of a Lamppost?
    I just love finding your latest on my walks with the Mags in the evenings, now that I’m back up on my feet again!

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