Solano Ave Knitting

I was pleasurably nervous  about moving up to yarn bombing Solano Ave and it does look nice. I was surprised though that very few people talked to us as we sewed . More they politely looked away, as if to give us privacy whilest doing something we might not want seen. I sat down in Peets to watch people ‘s take on the knitting. Amazing how few people notice. Fun when they do.

3 thoughts on “Solano Ave Knitting

  1. We noticed your beautiful guerrilla knitting projects on upper Solano Avenue last evening. They’re wonderful and are such a great addition to the block. I’m looking forward to seeing them again on my next walk. Thanks a million!!

  2. We noticed, and we took our cousin from Piedmont to see. Well done. Kudos even. The best graffiti I’ve ever seen. I’ve lived here since 1979, when I was 10.

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