More Cheeseboard knitting

Friday, July 9 was a fun day for our knitting project, posted an article with 2 very nice pictures and there was a little insult posted on cbslocal, although I’m not sure if it was an insult to berkeleyside or to us. I started the blog to document the knitting but now people may  be seeing  pictures and never actually see the pieces. But then lots more people see the knitting  than the blog. Or sort of see the knitting just out of the corner of their eye. I know a lot of tourists come to the Cheese Board, I hope it adds to the Berkeley experience.

A few different folks came up and asked “What are you doing?” Well I thought, I am sewing this knit sock onto this pole.But I wanted to say something a little less idiotic.

“I’m making art and putting it up on the street so that people can see it  just as they walk around in their daily lives”

“Ah, you are beautifying the neighborhood” they say knowingly, like this is a common activity.I think it looks prettier.

4 thoughts on “More Cheeseboard knitting

  1. Thank you so much for all of these–you’ve made our neighborhood so much more fun & whimsical!

  2. I used to live in this neighborhood a few years ago. We just happened by the little Indian Bistro for lunch and to see the old stomping grounds and noticed the poles. Lovely! Everyone needs a little bit of color now and then – thanks so much for your art.

  3. Thanks for brightening up the hometown. As an Elmwoodie, I am so excited you landed in our midst and left a trail of brightly colored poles. Signage is actually one of my pet peeves. Too much of it, on ugly poles and bollards all around, duplicate messages and contradictory messages battling each other. Your knitting is great camouflage for urban ugliness. More, please.

  4. I recently moved away from the area and am sad that I will not get to see these in person (I am now in Ohio), but thank you very much for blogging about it and sharing your experiences! They are so much fun!

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