Fourth st. knitting installation

I wanted to yarn bomb Fourth st. and I wanted to do a series where the pieces related to each other instead of a random selection of knitted items. I like a glass artist named Richard Marquis, I took one of his pieces and spun and dyed to match his colored glass stripes and the russian and I knit these 4 pieces.We drove down to Fourth St. And I began moaning ” Oh no, They aren’t regulation size poles! “{there are big green fancy lamppost poles instead of our favorite, ugly stop sign poles.} Fortunately there was this excellent intersection. I like to create a view where you can see 2 at once. We also did a pole at “The Gardner”.We had some good comments, people asked if we are doing the whole town which we are. Many folks have seen other of our poles on Solano and at The Cheese Board. The best part came when we were driving away. We stopped at the big stop sign piece and 3 little girls were petting the knitting. As we watched they turned and posed with big smiles touching the striped pole and their father took their picture.

4 thoughts on “Fourth st. knitting installation

  1. Brought a smile as well as a touch of color to an already pretty good day. I’m sitting on the bench next to it as I write this, and hearing various excited kids exclaiming, “How cool!” as they walk by it. “It’ll keep the signpost from getting chilly,” one mom remarked.

  2. Saw your Fourth & Delaware pole sweater. Love art pieces like this!
    (BTW I’m not *that* old, but I’m old enough to miss the Emeryville mudflat sculptures. Your knitting reminds me of them–art in unexpected places.)

  3. My 3 year old daughter and I passed by these poles today, while visiting Sur la Table. We stopped to admire them. My daughter is in that stage where everything is “why” but when she saw these, all she could say was, “Mama, these are sooooo pretty,” while petting each one as we walked from one to the next. No questions, just beauty. Thanks for sharing your art with the rest of us.

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