massies knitted pole

we continue to adore our favorite bakeries with knitting. The Russian knit this piece with knitted loops to refer to all of the polka dots at Massies. Marsha came out of the bakery and said ” Oh so you  are the geniuses that have been putting up all this knitting! ” {I have been hanging around Massies for years}

“Yes’ I said ” Don’t Tell anyone who we are ” After we were done we went in to get some peppermint tea.” Let me give you some desert  in return for your gift” said Marsha. She gave us a berry tart, a chocolate opera cake, a blueberry mousse tart and 2 chocolate salted caramels. We sat outside and knit and drank our tea and ate our tarts and cake. ” This is working out very well” I told the Russian.

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