berkeley natural grocery

I saw a picture of a Mexican woman weaving off a warp and I used the colors of that warp for this piece.As we sewed this piece I thought about how much I love Berkeley Natural Grocery,  it’s like a little house full of food. We have learned to sit down and watch people’s responses.We wanted to have a good time, so went into the grocery and bought tuna and hummus sandwiches, blenheim apricots and chai chocolate. A little girl and her grandmother came out and examined the pole closely. Then the little girl reached up and twisted the knitting around with great purpose. That day the batteries in the camera died so we had to come back a week later to take pictures. We took the pictures, drove down to Cafe Fanny to yarn bomb and the door of my car fell off. No more yarn bombing that day.

3 thoughts on “berkeley natural grocery

  1. I was surprised and happy to see this one today! Beautiful colors, and I love the little doodads hanging off it. I was knitting while I was walking so almost didn’t notice it; when I started walking again, I realized I had knitted where I should have purled. 🙂

  2. Look, that pole is wearing a sweater!
    It must have been cold…
    Well, (thoughtfully) you certainly don’t want your pole cold…

    Thank you for keeping Bay Area poles toasty. I love the dots and fringe when I see ’em — discovered 2 more today on adison… One still had the tag…

    I love discovering new ones. Now that I’ve discovered the blog, I’ll just go from pastry shop to pastry shop (what!? Nothing for the cupcakery by twig & fig?)

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