More Elmwood area

This is a series derived from a glass artist named Klaus Moje. I pick out a piece of an artist I like and duplicate their colors exactly. This takes a lot of dyeing . Then I roll out balls of the colors and knit them. This little color exercise has helped me increase  my color sense . I like to fill a whole intersection with one idea.

It’s very comfortable to sew these up, for the Russian too. We feel like we are just out in our street home , working. Today people asked us if someone was paying us to do this.No, is the answer to that one. I walked in to Sweet Temptations to get a free fudge sample. “We made you  a yarn bomb” I told the clerk.

“What!’ he shouted.
” Art” I backpedalled” We made you an art installation” . He still looked pretty dubious.

5 thoughts on “More Elmwood area

  1. Beautiful colors! Hope you install several of your gorgeous work in my neighborhood in South Berkeley!

  2. absolutely delightful. thank you for making our neighborhood a little more festive and mysterious. our entire family is thankful for these colorful additions to our daily walks around town.

  3. I referenced y’all in my blog today. I love it.

    Was it you guys that did the T of THERE in oakland? I didn’t see a lable of your blog so I assume it was someone else. It’s also a different style.

  4. i’ve been loving the elmwood installations! so great to walk around the neighborhood and see the pop of color – adds a cheery note to my early morning wait for the bus.

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