Saul’s Pole and Sotto Voce pole

The  russian knit both these pieces and took the photos too. I like seeing the pieces through anothers view .I remember asking another artist with great exasperation  “What is the point of installation art?”I couldn’t see why you would want to make art that could only be seen for a little while. And that couldn’t be sold. But now I really like that this art can’t be sold and is not owned by anyone. It’s a gift ,but you have to be paying enough attention to see it to receive it. Like life.

We made The Sotto Voce piece { a store on upper Solano} because we liked the colors of their beautiful awning and thought it would be appealing to match  it with a knitted pole. A little yarn bombing humor.

2 thoughts on “Saul’s Pole and Sotto Voce pole

  1. I love walking down the street and noticing that the area’s been yarn-bombed! It always brings a smile to my face and warms my soul. Yay!

  2. I came across your yarn bombs today for the first time. Thank you! You colored my day! I feel cozy and warm now.

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