Claremont hotel area knitting

Do I think these pieces are art? Yeah, I do. They have a lot of layers to them. One is just the shock and pleasure of seeing knitting outside with all the street business. I think these pieces are beautiful. The odd thing to me is that a lot of contemporary art is very opposed to beauty. It’s more about darkness, horror, disturbance. There is a power in art and I want to inspire, entertain and refresh.Knitting also has a long history of ” Not Being Art” We are art knitters, we decided in Peet”s.

We wanted to make something white and ruffled for The Claremont. And Rick and Ann’s and The virginia Bakery. Don’t forget Peet’s.

One thought on “Claremont hotel area knitting

  1. We spotted your beautiful piece of art yesterday and thought it was “amazing” (Gabriel, 7) and “really cool” (Anna, 10). Thanks for the bit of beauty, whimsy, and surprise (Heidi, 46)!

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