9 thoughts on “Roda Theater Yarn Bombing

  1. I’ve been tuning into your blog for just a few weeks. I just had to say: I LOVE what you’re doing!

    I would almost bet that you get quite an adrenaline rush as you’re stitching the yarn bombs onto the poles!

  2. My boyfriend is an owner of the architecture firm above raw energy and i used to work there but now visit frequently and we love the streetcolor color project! It brings a sense of scale and humanity that so many people downtown forget about in their rush up the corporate ladder. I love the vibrant colors against the pale facades, sea of dumpsters, smell of urine and dismal sunlight on the south side of the street. Shattuck ave from Dwight to derby could use a similar treatment!

  3. Do we plan to take them down when it rains? Well they are made of wool which can take getting wet. I know in East coast cities they are up all year. So I guess the answer is we’ll see how they do. They are already fading a bit, the older ones , I know they won’t last forever/ That ‘s all part of it.

  4. I work on that block of Addison, and I am a 45 year+ knitter, so yay! i love it! My boss asked me if I had done it, and I said no like maybe I had…

    I love the colorful stripes, and especially the ruffles.

    Maybe people take the cards so that they can comment? I had to go back to get your address cause I couldn’t remember it. (I did not take a card!)

  5. Love the ruffles so much!

    I lived in Berkeley for a long time, but now I’m across the country. Tuning in to your blog will be a nice way to take a tour of town. 🙂

  6. I just wanted to say I noticed one of your installations by Crixa Cakes in Berkeley, and thought it was awesome! I appreciate you taking the time to make my city a bit more colorful; you have my support!

    Please keep it up! : D

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