Theater district pole

Today was another cold Berkeley Summer day and we were a little tired from knitting many many Large Knitted Ruffles.We  drank our water, we ate our emergency peanut,peanut butter chocolate chip cookie, we drank our thermos of tea and put on our hats and we were still groaning with tiredness. I think we have put up about 45 poles in the last 10 weeks. People came up and asked us “What does this Mean?”

“Um” We said. It was hard to think of anything.I think part of what this means to me , today, is getting to feel Berkeley as a city, as one connected being, with all the different sections and neighborhoods being all  parts of the one thing, a lively ,beautiful, harsh, leafy, creative City.

3 thoughts on “Theater district pole

  1. Awesome, particularly the ruffles. No explanation needed…. Warm smiles everytime I see them.

    Thank you

  2. These are really fun. What a great inspiration you had. I’m passing photos of your sign sweaters (aka yarn bombs) on to my sister in Charlottesville VA, a master knitter, in hopes she might help see this art form go viral.

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