Knitting in the town of Sonoma

I stayed up until midnight last night to read the Eastbay Express article by Rachel Swan about  our streetcolor knitting. It is a very good article, I was filled with happiness. Read it at When someone starts to make a story out of your life it can sound like you know what you are doing which is nice since you so rarely feel like you know what your doing. I mostly just feel extremely delightfully, obsessively, compelled to get up every morning and start feverishly spinning and knitting while still in my Pajamas.

I wanted to go out to Sonoma and put knitting all over the Sonoma Square. I went out today to look over the Square and there are no regular poles! Just extra big concrete ones. Which looks very nice if course, but poor for yarn bombing. I was with my partner so we went to the Boulangerie Bakery and I knit and ate many cookies. These 2 pieces are from the bookstore and a shady stop sign. The blitz of Sonoma will have to wait.

We did go to The Girl and The Fig and we were delirious with pleasure over the butter almond cake.It was hard to drive away and leave my pieces there all alone and know I won’t see them again. That has been a great thing about working on Berkeley, getting to see the poles on my little drives. I didn’t have The Russian with me.It’s hard to put up the pieces without The Russian , I am so lucky to have that person. I just kept wanting to stop and go and sit down on a park bench and drink my tea and knit.

12 thoughts on “Knitting in the town of Sonoma

  1. Just came back from a trip to Nabolom Bakery. I was delighted to run across your yarn bombing! Now I checked out your site and thoroughly enjoyed the photos of your other projects! They reminded me that I had as yet to order my copy of “Yarn Bombing”; so, I walked into Mrs. Dalloway’s and ordered it.

    I am also a compulsive knitter. You can check out some of my projects at

  2. Its so great to see this sight.I saw the article in this weeks Express! I adore your art work! I have been enjoying your pieces all over the place as I drive to all corners of the bay doing color and design consulting. Your work has caught my eye, made me smile giggle and generally tickled me deeply on many a day. I love being surprised by a piece unexpectedly and laughing ” theres ANOTHER one! awesome color! I kinda liked the puzzle of “how did that get on there?” question. Besides lusting over your lush color blends, I really love the COZY WARM HELD feeling each piece adds in contrast to the hard surface areas and edges… as a fine artist with some installation art background I truly appreciate the layers of meaning this powerful creative contribution adds and evokes on the streets! Keep up the lovely work!

  3. Hi Streetcolor………love what I’ve seen and would like to commission you to do a pole beside my spectacular ginko in Berkeley. Is that possible? Thanks.


  4. Wonderfully whimsicle poles in little tutus. I will gladly visit the bombs in Sonoma this week and give them a heartfelt squeeze. Great work Streetcolor.

  5. I live in Sonoma and saw your piece outside the bookstore while I was walking home from the Farmers Market. Fun! So bright and colorful; what a treat to see something so beautiful and unexpected. I think Sonoma will appreciate your lovely art contribution. Thanks!

  6. I saw the pole-sock go up in front of Reader’s Books and I was so interested in what was going on, a crowd of people formed and observed her finish it (taking about twenty minutes) the end product is very interesting, `i wish more ploes all around sonoma are like that. cool.

  7. Hello darling Ms Streetcolor and Ms Russian:
    I love your art and I am eager to see more. Two weekends ago, stuck in Pt. Reyes (stuck? well, yes. Our car broke down and so we spent the weekend there: gladly so, I must admit) we admired your horizontal piece near Bovine Bakery. This weekend in Sonoma, checking out the available goodies at Linda’s Laughing Queen, we saw your piece near Readers Books.
    Please keep brightening our world with your art: it’s whimsical, colorful and uplifting. We suggest a trip to Glen Ellen, just 7 miles north of Sonoma on Arnold Drive. We have many excellent restaurants (which you would enjoy) and we could use some of the brightening-up that your artwork provides. Come for the Glen Ellen Village Fair 10/10/10 to experience a little of our local color.

  8. Writing to you from Sonoma Yarn’s knitter’s retreat on the coast, where one of our gang mentioned the following note in the Sonoma Index-Tribune:

    In a whimsical display of random public art, a mysterious knitter made fanciful decorations for street poles that appeared early Wednesday morning. Seen outside the office of the Index-Tribune, Readers’ Books and Sonoma Market, the colorful creations’ only identifying mark was a small tag reading “Y.B.I. yarns batted in. Yarn bomb 2011.” If the creative avenger would like to identify him or herself, the Index-Tribune would love to do a full story about the campaign, just contact 933-2732.

    (We’ve resolved to convert some of our UFOs into yarn bombs when we get home).

    Knit on, sister! love, Gale, Tillie, Joanie, Kathie, Paula & Ellen

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