Cal Berkeley Pole 5

We wanted to make 5 knitted pieces in blue and gold and put them all along one side of Bancroft Way to celebrate the new year of Cal.As you walk down the street they will keep appearing and hopefully surprise and cause a moment of pleasure and a little shift into the moment.I like to take a street that  folks are using to rush from activity to activity and suggest that it can also be a sculpture garden. This ruffled piece was knitted by the other member of our duo, The Russian. She picked this beautiful leafy spot.{her parents are Cal Grads and they sang the Cal Fight song the whole week we knit this installation} The knitting brings a  soft sensation to all the other rock and metal sensations. Everyone asks me ‘Why are you doing this?  ”  One answer- because we can!

6 thoughts on “Cal Berkeley Pole 5

  1. FANTASTIC! I saw it today and kept looking at it on my way up and down Bancroft. I love the knitted textures that bring out the loveliness of the bike poles. Thank you so much for these pieces!! MUCH LOVE!

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