Venus and Pegasus Poles

As we drove over to yarn bomb Venus and Pegasus I looked over at The Russian. She had been on a 3 hour hike already and it was her birthday. She looked asleep. ‘We must continue yarn bombing under all conditions” I said. ” Taxes, getting passports, too much work, friends visiting, teaching, birthdays, cold,disappointment, -keep yarn bombing. Nothing will stop us!’

She turned and smiled radiantly “Yes!’ She said “Yes!”

I had a lot of fun dyeing the browns,greens and blues for the Pegasus piece. The storefront is such an excellent blue. The Russian had knit the Venus piece some time ago and we kept saving it until we had the Pegasus piece finished. Lush oceany ruffles for Venus, we went in after and had a big birthday dinner with an astounding chocolate cake.

3 thoughts on “Venus and Pegasus Poles

  1. I stopped right in my tracks when I saw the pegasus books yarn bomb, I LOVE IT! I really want to help you guys spread the love so I keep pointing it out to people and directing them to this website. Hey I’m Russian, can I be the assistant’s assistant?! 😀

  2. I saw the Pegasus one this morning. It’s wonderful! I’ve been taking pictures and enjoying your work, and I’m so happy to see you have a blog. Thank you for making me smile today.

  3. Love this pair – just beautiful! Venus and Pegasus. I’m looking forward to visiting some of these sites in person (have only seen the Dharma one in San Rafael, but maybe these ones next).

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