Knitted poles at The Ferry Build San Francisco

We ferryed across The Bay and began our first San Francisco installation.  I love The Ferry Building as a building and I thought the knitted poles would look good againest it.

The Russian and I had knit several tags and I had been thinking of several different locations to put them up. I knew if I just let my mind drift over them the perfect place would come to me. And I had knit a really big piece for Jack London Square to go at their Ferry pier. I woke up on Wednesday and I had a brilliant idea. I called The Russian on the phone and said ” Let’s drive over to Jack London Square, Take the Ferry over to The Ferry Building, Yarn Bomb The Ferry Building, eat lunch and then come back and put the pole cozy up at Jack  London Square. Then there will be a narrative of us crossing the Bay into San Francisco to start our big installation there.”

It was 1.15 at the time and we wanted to catch the 2.30 ferry. I began running around like crazy to get the yarn bombing bag set up. We have to carry many balls of sewing wool, thread, needles, labels, scissors, camera, hot tea, warm clothes,trail mix, chocolate and all the knitted tags. And of course our knitting. Can’t go anywhere with out our knitting.We drove fast to Jack London and ran to The Ferry our knitting trailing and made it with 3 minutes to go.

The Ferry ride was a treat.What a great way to be on the water.We got to The Ferry building ,had a cupcake ,had a brisket sandwich and started sewing up the knitting onto the poles . Lots of people streaming by.Everyone glanced over but politely refrained from speaking.It was a radiant sunny day with a pesky breeze.

Sewing is thirsty work so we sewed up this yellow piece and then went in to Peets , had 4 cups of hibiscus tea and then thought maybe we were done, We went to catch the Ferry but it wasn’t going to come for 45 more minutes. “What the heck” The Russian said. ‘Let’s put up one more!” So we put up  this pole cozy.

Then we had a great ferry ride home

7 thoughts on “Knitted poles at The Ferry Build San Francisco

  1. I love everything you’re doing! I haven’t checked on you since Sonoma, and I’m so delighted by your work, especially the Russian’s freeform ruffles.

    I found your work outside the Cheeseboard when I visited Berkeley this summer. I lived in Berkeley for a long time, but since last year I’ve been far away, in New York. Your blog is a wonderful, fond tour of places that I love and miss. It makes me happy to see that you love these places, too. 🙂

  2. hi! we are from san diego visiting for the weekend. Walked left Sinbads after lunch at the Ferry Building area and saw your handiwork on a pole as we were walking back to downtown (the last pic, striped one). I think it’s really cool what you are doing and I know others enjoy it too!

  3. I saw the second one on the scenic drive sign today while waiting for a friend! Such an awesome thing!! I’d love to see more up around San Francisco. It’s like finding treasure! Keep it up.

  4. I live in Berkeley and I knit. I have been coming across the poles since the summer and they make me feel so happy. First I saw the one in front of Sauls and then the one across from Rick and Ann’s and tonight I found one on Shattuck near Venus. Didn’t I see one on 4th St? I wish you could cover every pole… maybe it would be easier to feed the meters if they were knitted. Thanks for all the joy you have given me. Knit on!!!

  5. We heard about the Ferry Building bombing and wanted to check it out while we were in town. I saw this one and got so excited. Thanks for making such a great piece of work.

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