Very Tall Ferry Building Yarn Bomb Jack London Square

We rode across the bay on the ferry at the end of what I have to say was a truly glorious day at the ferry building and the sun set pinkly as we ferryed past the container ships. One of those Star Wars cranes was lifting cargo containers which is a great sensation. We got off expecting a dark and weird pier to sew up this big piece. In stead , amazingly , the entire courtyard was filled with live Mexican music, dancing people, fish taco stands and small swirling children with glittering color sticks. It was “The El Grito” Festival celebrating Mexican Independence Day.It was like stepping into  a great dream.

This is by far the tallest piece we’ve put up ,about 15 ft high. I knit it vertically in sections and sewed it together. It obviously has a nautical theme with the different blues with white. It is our first yarn bomb in Oakland. This is a very relaxing and beautiful spot in Jack London Square, I reccomend you go there and then take a Ferry ride to San Francisco and get some chocolate at The Ferry Building.

The Russian Really enjoyed how all these police men on bikes kept coming right across from where we were sewing up this Yarn Bomb and watching the festival. There were 7 of them at the end.

One thought on “Very Tall Ferry Building Yarn Bomb Jack London Square

  1. You should leave a yarn bomb by the Jack London Aquatic Center! All of the crew teams would greatly appreciate it, especially with the hours we work…

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