Knitted poles in Paris

  • I am walking around Paris with my little purple back pack filled with my knitted tags looking for the right place to put them up. I am just wandering ,turning down any street that seems interesting. This is a great way to sight see. I realize that I am in front of The Musee D’ Orsay and that I had better go in. I am not very interested in Impressionism. I had seen the Impressionist show at The De Young Museum in San Francisco and I wasn’t too effected.
  • I love The Musee D’ Orsay. I can’t believe how gorgeous the paintings are.These Impressionists are so brilliant I am melting. And drooling. I’ve seen these paintings in reproduction and they are so much more vivid and confident. And French! Of course, it’s all about pleasure, color and decoration. There is a wonderful Manet of a woman lying on a couch with her ruffled dress pouring off the couch. I really want to put a knitted piece up at The D ‘Orsay in my most humble appreciation.
  • I go across the street and sew up this ruffled piece. I am really ,really glad I have sewn up a lot of tags because I am in a sea of people . Everyone looks at me a little confused but no one says anything. Which is good because I definitely cannot explain yarnbombing in French. When I am done one of the street people is extremely delighted and compliments me at length. I think. That night it rains and the next day the piece is fine but the label has bled away.

4 thoughts on “Knitted poles in Paris

  1. I was in Paris this past Tuesday and spotted this lovely piece! The tag was still legible and that is how I found your website. Its still out there prompting smiles!

  2. Hello,
    I was glad to see some piece of yarnbombing from another country in a huge city like Paris! I’m happy to see that cute street art is international! đŸ™‚

    I took a picture or two of your purple pole cozy for my blog, I’ll publish it soon.

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