Paris and yarn bombing

  • “Well I can’t do it because I will be in Paris yarnbombing” I hear myself saying and I want to laugh because it sounds so pretentious yet fun. And true. One thing doing all this yarn bombing has taught me is that you can go anywhere and pretty much do anything if you act off I went and I did yarnbomb in Paris!
  • I became very obsessed with spinning the right colors of yarn to go with my image of Paris. I had the classic knitter’s terror of running out of yarn and wasting all that good knitting time. I didn’t know what size poles they have in France so I had to wait until I arrived to knit. We were meeting friends and renting a flat for 10 days. The flat was shockingly beautiful with super high ceilings and antique furniture. Paris was also amazingly beautiful,much ,much more than I had expected.

One thought on “Paris and yarn bombing

  1. I love love love love love your knitted poles. Keep on knitting and yarn bombing!
    Thank you.

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