A Very Little Yarn Bomb In Paris

There are really a lot of interesting poles in Paris. I should make a study. This pole is one of the ubiquitous little pedestrian survival poles that are along all the streets apparently to keep the cars off the people walking along.This is the simplest knitted piece, just color blocks. Usually I need to cover every piece with lots of ruffles.I wanted to put a yarn bomb at the entrance to this bridge across the Seine to The Louvre. The little pole was on a traffic island in the middle of the street where people wait for the light to change. I really got squished by everyone  as I sewed it on. As soon as I finished a young man began shouting for his friends to come see. Lots of people were taking pictures and looking surprised and pleased. Small children smiled at me. So fun. The next day my friends went by to see it and it was gone.

One thought on “A Very Little Yarn Bomb In Paris

  1. I saw this one, too! How fun. I found 2 out of 3 of your yarnbombs. They popped right out at me wanting to be noticed and appreciated. So, near Laduree was the homage to macaroons and near D’Orsay – but I missed the pedestrian-protector pole cozy. Paris far exceeded my expectations, too.

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