Pastry, Paris and Knitted Poles

Pastry is quite a problem in Paris. It’s everywhere , alluringly laid out in orderly glass windows, seemingly on every corner. I was never going to be able to eat it all.I had made a plan for the chocolate shops that I would stop at everyone I passed and buy a chocolate. This clearly was not going to work for the Pastry.There was an outstanding tea room and pattisserie on the corner of our street. It was my partners birthday the first day we were there so I bought him a cake and an eclair. They made me fall down.So perfect.So what I did was walk into every pastry shop I passed and take a quick look around and if it didn’t look as good as my tea room I would leave .That worked pretty well until I decided I needed to do an eclair survey.

Oh how I loved  Laduree, the  Pastry shop on the corner. I had to honor it with a knitted pole.I’m not sure anyone will notice it ,they all are running through the door to get to the macaroons. I was ignored as I sewed it on the pole as I often am except for people asking me for directions in French. So I guess people thought I was french and that  sewing knitted strips onto poles was a normal french pastime.

I can’t stop wondering what it means when a city is so filled with bakeries, pastry shops and chocolate stores.It made the Bay Area seem so  unfairly deprived.I obviously am very pastry oriented, but I felt like a novice.

I spun and knit 3 yarn bombs in Paris and put them up to express my love and admiration and to leave a bit of myself there after I had to leave.It was a wonderful way to connect to the city of wonders.

3 thoughts on “Pastry, Paris and Knitted Poles

  1. I was walking down the street with a friend today when we came across your work! I took a couple of photos for my tumblr and I’m also going to send them to some friends back home.

    This is such a great project, keep at it!

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