Last Thoughts on Paris And Yarnbombing

  1. I can feel Paris  slipping away from me . Even though I am reading  “A Travelers History Of Paris ” and Adam Gopnick’s ” Paris To The Moon “,I am watching movies that have Paris in them, I pour over plane fares and ask every one I know if they have been to Paris and will they please , please tell me about it , still it is sliding away. I am starting to think about all of our upcoming knitted installations in San Francisco. {We start a really large one tomorrow}. I am thinking about Santa Cruz and Santa Barbara. But I know something really big happened to me and I don’t want to lose it.
  2. Paris is so overwhelmingly beautiful, I felt like my eyes were feasting instead of eating little scraps. People in Paris luxuriate , sitting in cafes, eating many pastries, does anybody work? Can we be that relaxed here in The States/ How do they do it? Must go back.
  3. I spun up a color pallet before we left for Paris of light and dark grays, white , peach, gray green, hot yellow, black, light purple and red. I kept using it when I came back and now it is gone and I am knitting all in black and white. Still handspinning all the yarn ,mostly on my spinning wheel, but I do all the plying on my drop spindle.
  4. I have been eating all week at ” Jimmy Beans” down on Gilman. Great food, very industrial neighborhood. I think we should start decorating it.

2 thoughts on “Last Thoughts on Paris And Yarnbombing

  1. That’s funny because to me, San Francisco is the Paris of the United States. I lived in Berkeley for a year and adored how laid back it was and how beautiful everything was. I’ve been to Paris only once and was there just one day and it has nowhere near the pull on my heart my little apartment on Russell St does.

  2. I would be delighted if you decorated a few things in Santa Barbara. 🙂 That’s where I grew up. Maybe something near Stern’s Wharf, State and Anapamu, the parks downtown…

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