Knitted poles at The San Francisco MOMA

We had been planning this knitting installation at The S.F. MOMA  for some time. We had put up about 45 knitted yarn bombs in Berkeley and wanted to start working in San Francisco and thought it would be so thrilling, provocative and fun to do our wonderful art museum.People go into the museum to see all kinds of art because that’s where you see art , in a museum. But the building itself is also art , obviously and so lovely to contemplate as you sit across the street at the fountains of Yerba Buena. We had thought about making knitted pieces that related to the art in the museum but the gray and black stripes on the exterior pillars were  really compelling and beautiful. We decided to knit 7 striped pole cozies for the parking meters, black stripes with purple, gold, turquoise, brick, gray, olive and red. I spun  for several days , gave the yarn to The Russian and left for Paris. She knit with purpose and knit all but one of these pieces.

We rode the Bart over today and were surprised to find that the Museum was closed on Wednesdays. It was very hot and bright. I walked around and took pictures of the empty parking meter poles. We sat down on the sidewalk and started sewing the knitting up. It was very nice to sit, we usually knit big long pieces and stand and  sew them on tall poles. Lots of people talked to us and asked us what we were doing ” This is a kind of streetart called yarnbombing” we said “We knit these pieces to go with the striped pillars, we covered these 7 parking meters”

“Great, great ” they would say quickly, not wanting to bother us I guess.

It’s funny to have something in your mind for a long time and finally see it in matter.Seeing all that knitting and color on parking meters in front of  The S.F.  MOMA was beautiful and very funny.Absurd and totally sincere.I love stripes anywhere I see them, paintings, pillars, towels, knitted parking meters. Knitting is  way to warm things up, here it’s warming the city.

4 thoughts on “Knitted poles at The San Francisco MOMA

  1. This is beautiful and extraordinary–a reflection of the exterior of the building and of what’s inside!

  2. I work a block away from your knitted poles. The colors really pop in the morning light. I am a knitter and I enjoy yarnbombing when it is simple and cozy like this.

    Thank you, you have been making my morning for a week now 🙂

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