Yosemite Yarnbombs


Ready to yarnbomb

Hi, it’s the Russian. I yarnbombed in Yosemite a little while ago. One is at the trailhead for John Muir/Vernal Falls/the way to Half Dome; the other is at the very entrance to the park.

This is a cable piece I did a long time ago. I ended up twisting the bottom of the piece around the pole, which resulted in some fun diagonal cables. It reminds me of a wintry sweater, which will soon be appropriate for this location.

This beautiful, spicy, autumny piece is another older one, made by Streetcolor. I (and an enlisted accomplice) sewed this one up very early in the morning. It was quite a task finding a pole of the right size. When we finally did, we had about 3 hours until the accomplice needed to be back in the East Bay for work. So, we sewed like the dickens. With only the tag and one color section left, a park official came and gave us a talking to. “What is this? What are you doing here?” she said, with a mite of disgust. With a big, innocent smile (at least I hoped it came across that way), I said, “It’s public art!” She proceeded to tell us we couldn’t do that here, it was park property, and we needed to take it down. I meekly said we would, intending to finish installing, document it, and then, I supposed, take it down as fast as I could. But once I did photograph this beautiful piece, I realized that it absolutely belonged here. And that if there was even a chance that the park official didn’t get around to taking it down, it would be so worth it for the people who’d get to see it. So we hopped in the car energetically (feeling a little like renegades) and drove to Berkeley with great haste. Yarnbombing is a risky venture, not merely because it toes the line of legality, but because one can put so much love and effort into a piece, only for it to disappear in just a few hours. I hope this piece is still up, because I love the idea that truckers and campers, having driven hundreds of miles, will have their eye caught by this unusual and beautiful knit creation as they wait to enter Yosemite.