rain,fading,lamination and yarnbombing

Well the much feared rains are here. What will happen to the pieces once it starts to rain we have all wondered.They are surely  wet and some are staying up bravely and some are sinking down. We drove passed the Ferry Building today and the knitting is  still up, but is all straggling down around the poles ankles. We were driving over to Union Street to look for places to put up knitted tags in San Francisco. I can’t seem to get a handle on where to put up work in San Francisco. We live in Berkeley and everywhere we have put knitting on poles has been an area we know and love and  where we eat a lot of pastry . I feel attracted and confused by San Francisco. I love The Fairmont Hotel and The St. Francis Hotel. We have done The S.F. MOMA. What else should we do? Suggest please.

And it’s raining. It’s not so fun to stand around in the rain, sewing . So we have been staying home knitting prodigiously.I don’t mind the work getting wet. Several pieces have been up for months and have started to fade.  This piece at The Cheese Board has lots of rips and someone has kindly taped it up.It’s just a funny moment for us, we have kind of finished the big yarnbombing installation of Berkeley, we want to start working on new cities and it’s raining. Maybe Santa Cruz or Mendocino. Maybe we should do some wire and bead pieces.

We have solved 1 problem. Our flimsy old paper tags kept getting pulled off and they ran in the rain. So we went to Copy Central and laminated them. Very hard to sew on. I also had woven ones made to sew on the knitting and to make them look more like sweaters.

We really liked these pictures Steve Rhodes took of The S.F. MOMA installation.http://www.flickr.com/photos/ari/5096364866/in/photostream/


  • Streetcolor at SFMOMA by Steve Rhodes

4 thoughts on “rain,fading,lamination and yarnbombing

  1. You could do the Mechanical Museum down by Fisherman’s Wharf – it’s full of old-fashioned games, like fortune tellers and the early versions of Pac-Man. Or Gherideli Square!

  2. My husband says you should do one on Coit Tower…ha ha. Although maybe you could find a pole up at the base of it.

    If you want to continue with beloved bakeries, you can’t go wrong with Tartine. And you should have a lemon tart or something while you’re there.

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