Jimmy Beans Knitted Poles

I’ve gotten very involved with eating at Jimmy Beans. When I go there my friends are always there eating too. We really mean to go yarn bomb other places but the corn beef hash at Jimmy beans  with the 3 sauces is so good I had to celebrate it. Jimmy Beans is on Gilman St in Berkeley which is a good looking street. It has lots of chain link fences that I would like to bead, shiny red dumpsters and bright blue garage doors.I wanted to knit something with a new sculptural element. This piece has fun knitted rolls that allude to lifesavers. You can see there are little black sticker guys peeping out the top from a previous bit of graffiti.

3 thoughts on “Jimmy Beans Knitted Poles

  1. saw your work today at Jimmy Beans and posted on my facebook page. I’d also seen some over at Jack London Square. All I can say is thank you! It was great to touch and now i’ll always be looking for your work!!

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