Union Square San Francisco Knitted Poles

The Russian And I rode Bart to the San Francisco to put up some knitting in Union Square. The Bart was full of people in brand new Giants hats and beautiful new black and orange Giants coats.Everyone had a pleased air of having been given a free holiday. We got off at Powell St and carefully examined The Cable Car Poles which are very big and yellow.We want to do an installation that follows the Cable Car route through the city. Mostly I just want to ride the cable cars around. But first we had some special orange and black knitted graffiti to celebrate fall, Halloween and most especially the Giants going to The World Series. I hadn’t finished one of the pieces so we went to Emperor Rullios Cafe and had a tea and a strawberry shortcake and knit. We sat outside of the cafe and talked about cafes. In Paris people sit in cafes and just sit there , no lap tops. We talked about The New Yorker article about procrastination. I liked that it said you needed to set small concrete goals. My goals for yarnbombing are very clear to me and I think that is why I am able to do it so extremely profusely. Here they are;

1.I want to make art all day and make alot of it and get to enjoy the delights of knitting all the time.

2. I want people to see what we are doing, hence doing installation street art.

3.I want to effect my environment , when we knit something colorful and find the right place on a street it is like putting a vase of roses on a table, it warms the room or in this case the street.

4. i want to be noticed and the art to be enjoyed. Noticed anonymously as Streetcolor and The Russian of course.

5. I want to get to go to many beautiful places, see this planet and connect to them with art.

And now onto yarn bombing:

The Russian knit this lovely black and white ruffled piece and had been saving it because of it s charm. The cable car pole was unexpectedly round and this piece was the only one we had that was big enough. So I pried it out of her reluctant hands and we sewed it on.

The other knitted piece is a simple stripe  knit to bring some more orange and black to San Francisco as we celebrate The Giants.

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