yarnbombing and other blogs

It has been a big week for this knitting to show up on the web. It’s very compelling to read other people’s blogging on our yarnbombing and thank goodness we are anonymous which makes it feel very interesting but distant.This was a funny entry in The Daily Clog here, a kind piece in knitfinder,the piece in Berkeleyside that I posted on the blog and a wonderfully insulting piece in The  SFist. I like being sneered at as much as the next person but I was surprised by the hit about spinning our own yarn . Why buy yarn if you can make yourself? Well , it’s always nice to be a trend.

This blogging and putting up pictures of the knitting is it’s own separate world,There’s the pleasure of making the pieces, the enjoyment of the process of sewing them up and talking to passersby, looking at the street with knitting in it  and then the interchange of opinions in the virtual world. I am always pleased when I come upon one of them on a street and glad that other people are seeing them as part of their walking around in their daily lives.I knit with total love for  knitting as an art form- and for joy.

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