Academy of Art San Francisco Pole

Bryce Pearson Of Evergreen College asked us if we would be in a documentary he was making for a class on San Francisco street artists. It sounded fun, but we don’t let people photograph us . After some thinking and e-mailing we decided that he would just film our hands while we sewed up a piece. We took the Bart over and I was a little nervous. I didn’t know what pole to do. We are working on making an installation on the cable car poles and I thought we could do that. We got to Union Square and found Bryce and started off to our chosen pole. Just in front of us a street musician strode over to out exact pole , opened her violin case , put the case on the ground in front of the pole, put her violin to her chin and started playing. Well. I considered hip checking her over but decided -no. We walked quickly up the street { Bryce only had 45 minutes} and saw this beautiful pole in front of  The Academy of Art.You can always tell instantly when a pole is a good pole. I had just knit this grey piece so it was particularly ready to go up. We sewed , Bryce filmed.

It was very interesting to talk to Bryce about his interviews with graffiti artists and mural painters. ” Graffiti artists generally are more about leaving their own mark, I Was Here!, and mural artists are more about weaving together their community” said Bryce. “Where do you see yourself in that continuum? ”

” I don’t exactly see this as graffiti because it’s not writing and it’s removable. I totally love that it’s street art, free, temporary and colorful. When I think about how to get a lot of color up on the street really quickly, in a way that is portable and easy to take down, knitting is really the best way I can think of to do it” I said. ” so to answer your question I’d say more towards the mural end of things because people often get fond of the knitted poles and see them as theirs”

As I’ve thought about it since I do think that the knitting is like a form of writing or at least line. It’s in the language of color and feeling. I like that people see it as graffiti because then it seems a little more understandable and fun and has a context but to me it really is making a knitted vessel by bringing the knitting vertical- using the pole. We think of the design, the color, lip, foot,proportion like it is a pot or glass vessel. Knit  pole vases.

The folks at The Academy seemed pleased to have an art pole in front of their school. It is always meant as a celebration of that particular place. We are getting to know San Francisco in a wonderful and strange way.Afterword we had strawberry cake with meringue crumble at Emperor Rullio’s Cafe. It is called San Francisco cake. It was delicious.

Fun Blog with streetcolor pictures here

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