De Young Museum Pole #1

We decided to start yarn bombing in Golden Gate Park. I was so excited that I could hardly sleep. I wanted to get up and get right in my truck and drive to the park and walk all around it looking at trees and poles. But there are so many odd tasks to take care of first, sorting through a big bag of knitted pieces and deciding which ones to take, packing a bag with 10 different colors of wool to sew up the pieces with,picking out paper,  fabric and laminate labels, making a thermos of tea, packing trail mix, warm clothes, 3 pairs of sunglasses, plying yarn for today’s knitting project, printing out a map of Golden Gate Park- I decided to just skip the yoga.

It’s so great to get in your car for an adventure. You really could drive anywhere. The Bay is so beautiful and so full of interesting yellow and red giant cranes. To just decide on the spur of the moment to spend a day in Golden Gate Park- is there anywhere more beautiful? I parked at the Conservatory of Flowers which was brilliantly white and glowing at noon. The lawns were mowed and smelled dark green . I  walked in the cool shadowy street over to The De Young. Very nice signs everywhere about The Van Gogh  Show.

I met The Russian by the pond and we started yarn bombing. This piece was knit by The Russian and the ruffle rings on it have a lot of gesture.The knitting always look so bright and fresh when we first put them up . A woman stopped and said ” These are a lot fancier than the ones we have in Berkeley” .

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