De Young Museum Pole #2

I knit this pole. When we get done with this project I’m going to call it 500 things to do with a knitted ruffle.

We walked across the street from The De Young Museum and started sewing this yarnbomb on a very nice pole that said Japanese Tea Garden on it. We could hear the fountains splashing and a man playing a guitar.A man  went by saying  “This is very European” . We were standing in the shrubbery.

A man in a blue truck yelled “Do you have a permit?”

“No’ I said ” We don’t need one” I was thinking -this is streetart, of course we don’t have a permit.He was unhappy. He drove away, we kept sewing.

A young man and his female friend stopped and said “We ‘ve seen your work all over , we really like it”.  I was sitting on the ground .They introduced themselves. “What is your name? ” they asked my young associate. A long pause. I held my breath.

“The Russian” she finally said.

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