Here in Paris

I am writing this at an Internet cafe- I feel like a secret agent; I am amazed, delighted, overwhelmed and charmed to be here. So far it is taking all of my yarn bomber courage just to go everywhere alone although I am getting knitting done while I wait in line at San Chappelle;  I am eyeing a pole in front of Paul’s bakery where I have a quiche every morning Wow, I can blog in Paris. It is sunny for the first time, I need to go look for poles.  Au revoir!

3 thoughts on “Here in Paris

  1. I like thinking of you sitting in a cafe in Paris with a delicious plot percolating in your mind, while all the quiche-munching parisennes around you go about their business, unaware that color and creativity and fun will soon mysteriously appear in their midst. I think I hear the Pink Panther theme song in the background. Good luck, agent streetcolor.

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