Knitted street art near Sainte- Chapelle , Paris

It surprised me how hard it was to be alone in Paris all though it shouldn’t have I guess. But being alone also made everything more intensely beautiful. When I came back from Paris in Oct. I kicked myself for not going to Saint Chapelle and I was thrilled to get to go back a month later and see  it. When I walked into the lower chapel  I loudly blurted out ” Wow! ”

I wanted to put a piece up in front of Saint Chapelle and walked around several times looking for one. It is a very busy street with a lot of security guards and of course, very long lines of people waiting to go to the church. I found this pole near the lines waiting and thought it would be nice for the people waiting in the cold to see some street art.  Fortunately I had this simple yarn tag to put up because I wanted to get it sewn up really quick.  .I started sewing and the street became very electric. They seem to like these simple colorful yarn bombs in Paris , they are possibly slightly more reasonable than the really ruffly ones. I sewed and 2 Paris police came by and stood around. I tried to act very normal and keep sewing. They went away .  My heart was beating pretty fast. When I got it done a nice woman and her friend came by and very politely asked me what it was . “Art de la Rue” I replied.

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