yarn bomb at Hotel de Ville

My Associate- apprentice The Russian knits very long complicated knitted art with intense saturated colors and lots of ruffles to sew together. She wanted to make a piece for Paris and a companion piece for San Francisco. I spun and she knit feverishly before I left to get this made. I walked around Paris for a week to find the perfect place. I loved this building  The Hotel de Ville which is wonderfully elaborate and had a carousel! I thought the Russian would really like that because of all the small children riding. I liked it because the pole was pretty protected from too much road action and I knew it would take a long time to sew onto the pole { we knit the pieces in strips and whip stitch them onto the pole }. It was very cold and getting colder.My fingers were getting stiff. A priest in a full soutine and a flat hat smoking a cigarette came by taking pictures. I could see the first Paris Christmas decorations were up on the street. The merry go round glittered gold. I finished sewing and immediately a little girl and her young father came by to admire it. I thought it looked wonderful next to the building. I walked over to a security guard at the entrance of the building and said ” What is this building? ”

” It is City Hall ” he said.

One thought on “yarn bomb at Hotel de Ville

  1. Thanks for sharing your Paris yarnbombing adventures. Your heart-pounding excitement and discoveries of domesticity and pace add sparkling new dimensions to the memories of our only week in Paris. haven’t read any further, but looks like earlier posts and will dip into them until i absorb them all!

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