A Little Yarnbomb at Saint Michel”s Fountain

I didn’t go to Paris to yarn bomb , I went because I was in the grip of an uncontrollable compulsion. But I brought a bag of knitted tags with me because putting up knitted tags has become my strongest, albeit obscure way, of communicating with the world. I also brought 2 drop spindles, white and black unspun wool, a big bag of different shades of blue wool that I had already spun, my knitting needles, tapestry needles and streetcolor.wordpress. com woven labels.

I had somewhat prepared myself to be in Paris and had decided I just wanted to wander each day and follow my eyes. I believe this is a very time honored way to experience Paris and it led to fantastic adventures. Like finding this amazing yarn, button, bead and ribbon store that was like seeing my soul turned inside out.

What I hadn’t prepared myself for is what it is like to be in a foreign country by myself,not speaking the language,not knowing anyone, no TV, no internet, no radio and unexpectedly no telephone { My studio phone got accidentally disconnected by the caretaker.} I felt like I did on remote rafting trips, very far from home and like I really needed to not get sick . Or arrested.

But being that stripped down is also so pure and open . You can feel everything. I also got very bored with my mind.

So I wanted to put up a piece in my neighborhood and this is a really big fountain on an open corner. I actually did wait until the dead of night to put it up. And yes , the pole was cold.

One thought on “A Little Yarnbomb at Saint Michel”s Fountain

  1. I love this piece! The organic shape of the ruffle reminds me of fungus growing on a tree, which to me is a sign of lushness and mystery.

    I am biting my nails for you over there. Please don’t get arrested!

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