Another Paris Knitted pole , at” Paul “

We want to travel and feel life in a fresh and startling way but when we get somewhere new we try to get as cozy and familiar as possible. Get some routines going, make some order of it all. My first day in Paris I desperately wanted to find a bakery to linger in. I hadn’t done much with Paris bakeries when I was there in Sept. , I was very occupied with chocolate shops. So I began walking all over my neighborhood, The Latin Quarter , going into every bakery and having a pastry. I started with pain au raisin and moved onto pain au chocolat. I had several , got very woozy.

My second day in Paris I remembered my niece mentioning” Paul” as a great sandwich place. I went in and sensibly ordered a quiche and ate it in the street. Each day I returned and discovered they had great pain au raisin, strong hot chocolate and an upstairs eating area where I could sit by the window and look out at Paris roof tops, drink my intense chocolat chaud and knit. I noticed that I would really relax there at my table surrounded by relaxed Parisiennes leisurely eating their strawberry tarts and drinking their coffee.

When I first went to Paris I said that Paris explained the meaning of life but it was in” city “so you had to learn to interpret. That was part of why I had to turn around and go right back to Paris as soon as I got back the first time. So here in” Paul”s I had found out one of the secrets of Paris. The secret is the extreme pleasure of making many cozy domestic spaces out in the external world, so there is always a place to relax and luxuriate in domestic bliss when ever you are out and about to retire to. Also the secret of enjoyment with out any guilt of a delicious pleasure at a nice slow tempo. And then you sit around some more.

I was so grateful to” Paul” that I put up a knitted piece outside. Then when I sat upstairs in cozy comfort I could look out the window and see my own idea of pleasure and domesticity expressed as knitting.

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