Back to Being Streetcolor

Some interesting things happened while I was away in Paris, The Crocker Museum put a blurb about this yarnbomb  on their Facebook page.They seemed delighted to be yarnbombed which made me think even more highly of them. I always hope that the pieces won’t just be taken down the next day. We have gotten lots of charming comments from people in Sacramento which makes me very interested in Sacramento. We’ll be back.And we will get more of those hamburgers at  The Crocker Museum. And the butterscotch pudding.

Today I found this bog that has a fun story about the yarnbomb ,it has much better pictures too. Click http://www.nannygoatsinpanties.

One thought on “Back to Being Streetcolor

  1. I work out regularly at the 24-Hour Fitness in downtown Berkeley. I saw a yarnbomb on a metal pole on Addison one evening. I stopped and pondered it for a minute, because I’d never seen anything like it before. Being that this is the East Bay, I conjectured that it was probably just someone expressing a quirky urban whimsy. It made me feel good; I like seeing self-expression that humanizes one’s surroundings, makes it warmer. Then I happened to read about it a few weeks later in the East Bay Express. Keep up your whimsy! It’s fun to see. Sincerely, Sara

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