A Knitted pole in Sacramento

I like how when you drive into Sacramento you go over a bright yellow bridge. I am always surprised by the calm, luxurious trees. And the broad flashing river. Sacramento seems like one big neighborhood.

I wanted to try putting up some knitted pieces in town. We had put up the first yarn bomb at the glorious Crocker Museum and I wanted to explore some more of the city. I like going to a new city and viewing the whole city as a big art piece . I learned yarn bombing in Paris to just wander all around a city looking for an  attractive spot with strong feeling to it. We parked on J and 10 and walked up to this beautiful square with a clock building. There was a very alluring pole on the corner that we decided to decorate.  The Russian had knit this piece playing with the idea of knitting a bar code. The bar code looks good stretched on the pole, sort of Zebraish. We knit our pieces in  strips and then whipstitch them onto the poles with more yarn. The square was sunny and filled with red and gold leafed trees.It was so tranquil there. We sewed on our little cloth streetcolor label, took some pictures , drank a cup of tea and walked over to the capitol.

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