A knitted installation at The Capitol Building, Sacramento

I need to make art all the time. I stagger out of bed and start drop spinning on a hand spindle in my pajamas .We hand spin all the yarn we use ,mostly on hand spindles to get all the colors we want and to satisfy the need to create every part of the pieces.When I sit and spin for hours I can think with great intention, calm meditative thoughts. I carry my knitting and spinning everywhere so I can always be working or really , playing.

The Capitol building is perfectly white and rises up over a bright green lawn. I thought the colorful soft knitting was a happy addition. It was made clear to us that street art was not acceptable on state property so this piece may be gone. But that is part of the process, people can decide for themselves to accept it as a gift or not. Some pieces get to stay up and some don’t. The pictures on the blog are art too.

5 thoughts on “A knitted installation at The Capitol Building, Sacramento

  1. Great to see your work and the article in the Sacramento Bee today. But I have to wonder … they talk about one of your pieces in … ummmm …. November… and it took them this long to run their piece? Oh well! Nice to see that we can access your blog though!
    greetings from a fellow knitter!

  2. I too read the article in the Bee today…(I am DJSS)

    As a person who just loves to knit & crochet…don’t really know what I love about it the most…the yarn, the stitch patterns, the variety, the creativity etc…It is nice to see the old ways aren’t forgotten completely, but is relevant to today’s art forms…

    Yarn bombing may just lead to a new sense of respectability…and open it to a new generation of knitters/crocheters…

    I have been doing a lot of projects for Christmas gifts and have ‘scraps’ left over…Now I know what I will do with the leftovers..I may just do one for my ‘parking sign’ poll out front of my place…Plus I have a set of twin trees out front…mmmmmm, the possibilities.

    Thanks again.

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