Everybodys’ Photos Of Streetcolor Poles

Crocker Museum Pole Lori Llanillo
Crocker Museum Pole Ted Strutz
Derby And Waring pole for Zachary Cruz Olivia Filbrandt

These knitted poles are weirdly photogenic. I always enjoy taking pictures of them when we are done sewing them up. People  stop and tell us  that they have been photographing them too.I like that they are making art with our art. I run into pictures of  the poles on Flicker and Facebook. That’s fun and a little disconcerting. I have asked for daylight pictures of The Crocker Museum because mine are so dark  from taking pictures at night .I ‘d love to see other peoples pictures of any of the poles  so I can make a page of them . Send them to streetcolorart@gmail.com.

Here is an amazing site of new trends that put up some streetcolor poles here.

I learned a wonderful thing this week. We already knew that putting up the knitting in a neighborhood, at a museum or at a business could make the street softer and the people passing feel loved. This week there have been  many news articles and blogs, twitters, comments. And knitting puns. All this discussion is making a cheerful internet energy field that also seems to be making people feel loved. We are all creating something new.

Bombs away!

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