A Knitted Stop Sign In San Rafael

It was so cold in San Rafael today,  my apprentice , The Russian  put on my pink hat, put on my red rubber raincoat ,she blew on her fingers and still  it was too cold.We sewed up 3 yarnbombs at Dharma Trading. It looked like a knitting playground. I had forgotten how much fun it can be to sew up  knitting up on a pole. Last month  I had dumped out all my colors of handspun yarn and put them in rows and knit long rainbowish pieces. We had 3 of these pieces in our backpacks and they made a warm display. I like how the turquoise ruffle on this piece looks like calligraphy.

As we were sewing a young man strolled by and smiled approvingly. “Thrifty” he remarked.

” Thrifty!?” I looked at The Russian. “What does thrifty mean?”

She looked at me and said” I don’t know, I am not a representative young person!”

Afterword we went to Royal Grounds and had hot chocolate and a  peanut  butter cookie.

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