Yarnbombing at The Museum of Art and History, Santa Cruz

We have been yarn bombing a lot of museums. I think this is now a Project.

I have been talking for a month about wanting to yarnbomb Santa Cruz. To talk constantly of wanting to do something and not do it is bad. The New York Times had an article about Santa Cruz last Sunday with a picture of homemade cinnamon buns at Linda’s Cafe. This was a sign for sure. So on Saturday we packed up the yarnbombing bag and a toothbrush and shoved ourselves out the door .

I didn’t have a plan and I didn’t want  one. We drove into town , ate  game hen and potatoes at Gabriella’s  and started looking for good looking poles. We walked down Pacific to the MAH museum and went in to look at the train show. I liked the small fountain trickling water in the sculpture garden.There were 2 good poles in front of the museum , but there was a big party going on. I  thought it would be fun to sew  my knitting on to the pole  right during the party. It was.

I  hope the people at the MAH know that I yarnbomb them most respectfully. And playfully. I love art museums and  say that with this knit graffiti.

These beautiful pictures were e-mailed to me today from susan at http://www.blipfoto.com/soozaday. Thank you! It’s great to see the color in  daylight.

One thought on “Yarnbombing at The Museum of Art and History, Santa Cruz

  1. Thank you so much for your delightful yarn bomb at the museum. Last Saturday, the Santa Cruz Handweavers Guild held our meeting there and a group of us noticed it upon exiting. We all stopped and took photos. I am blogging about it and sending my readers here to get your great stories! ~Annie

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