How I make a Yarnbomb

Yarnbomb on Pacific Ave, Santa Cruz

This is how I make a Yarnbomb;

First I knit the piece.

No, first I dye the fiber and spin the wool into yarn on a hand spindle.

No, first I make little drawings in a notebook of my ideas.

No, first I look at fashion magazines,art books,sculpture, mushrooms,beading, Wayne Theibaud, yarnbombing,quilts,totem poles,jewelry,fused glass,Richard Marquis,Janet Morton…………….

No ,first I walk through cities looking at poles. And graffiti.

No, first I wake up in the morning excited to be alive.

Second I look for a wonderful city with an exciting neighborhood with good poles and a bakery. Then I sew the knitting onto a pole.Then I sew on a cloth label, take pictures and sit and stare at it.

Third I go to the bakery and have some cake.

This is a yarnbomb I put up on Pacific Ave in Santa Cruz in front of a  art gallery with a pleasantly Parisienne exterior.

5 thoughts on “How I make a Yarnbomb

  1. I have been watching your blog for a couple months now and I am shamelessly fascinated by your ruffles. Can I ask how you make them. I haven’t figured it out on my own yet. (But I’ll keep working on it.)

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