Do I have too much time on my hands ?

Sometimes I come upon people idly discussing my work on line. ” She is one of those people with too much time on their hands” someone commented

“Yes, definitely way too much time on her hands” another concurred.

I like this, I sound like such a lunatic. And it raises so many great questions. Is art making only for someone who has nothing better to do? Am I so bored that all I can think of to do is yarnbomb? Actually I am more satisfied with knitting and installing yarnbombs everywhere than I could ever have imagined. I don’t have more time than before, I  pack all my time with what I want to do.

It’s an amazing thing to go ahead and do what you want to do. Very energizing. Why not?

This is another piece I put up in Santa Cruz last week. I was thinking of a very tall flower.As I was sewing a gentleman stopped suddenly and blurted “This is art!’ It really was a relief to hear. He turned out to be a photographer who has been documenting street art for 10 years, he had never seen knitted street art. We talked on Free Santa Cruz radio on a call in talk show later that night. It is strange and delightful to be described as part of the hip hop generation.

The bottom pictures are by

3 thoughts on “Do I have too much time on my hands ?

  1. I think you spend your time in a wonderful way. The average American is purported to spend 34 hours a week watching television. Knitting yarm bombs is an awesome way to spend your time. Public art FTW.

  2. don’t drink their small minded hateraid! you are a public artist. what you do beautifies public spaces. i love your creations and am inspired you do it for the joy of it. can your critics claim the same?

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