The Most Amazing Yarnbomb Ever. For Us.

This is The Russian”s piece. She wanted to do one of these long wavy bike racks for so long and the moment finally came when we did this CCA installation. { California College Of Art in Oakland}. You wouldn’t believe how long this piece was, 30 ft maybe.We were sewing it up tonight and a woman stopped and said ” Oh , that’s great-of course you put it up in the dark!’

” Not really ” I said ” we’ve just been sewing for so long that it got dark”.

Several other people stopped and encouraged us ” Cool” they said “Did you make that piece in Berkeley, The T?”

“No” we replied ‘”Just the 60 other knitted poles that are up in Berkeley”.

We are going to be 80 and covering The Empire State Building with knitting and people will be asking us “Didn’t you do that T in Berkeley in 2010? “.

This looked terrific all finished . Like it was floating. It is very mysterious and yet looks like it belongs there.

5 thoughts on “The Most Amazing Yarnbomb Ever. For Us.

  1. This is fabulous, like a visible representation of a yarnwave–as in a soundwave, though I suppose the yarnbomb could also be seen to be waving 🙂

  2. This is a nice one.

    There’s a bike rack at the Spruce & Grizzly reservoir that actually makes a loop-de-loop, that would be a good candidate too.

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