Yarnbombing And Vampires

Yarnbomb at the San Jose Museum of Art

‘Do you like to read books about vampires?’ I asked my niece.

“Who doesn’t?” she replied.

Vampires and yarnbombing, so much to say.

I most like the Sookie Stackhouse books by Charlaine Harris, Anita Blake vampire hunter ,the early books by Laurell K. Hamilton and Vampire Lestat books by the great Anne Rice before she converted back to religion. There’s a lot of interesting stuff in those books.

Things I’ve Learned About Yarnbombing From Vampire Books

1.Sookie Stackhouse has a Were Tiger boyfriend named Quinn-he tells her he likes physical activities, dancing, football, sports- not watching TV or movies. Yarnbombing is very physical and real, it’s gotten me outside , to Paris . San Francisco, Santa Cruz San Jose. I wander all around their streets and look at every pole. The physical things we do are the most satisfying.Travel is what we remember best when we think back on our years.

2.Anita Blake gets a kind of Vampire hunger in “Narcissus In Chains” and she has to learn to how to really deeply feed her hunger . I have learned to really feed my hunger for seeing art and making art. Not just a little bite but big feasts. We try to have only little bits of what we love . I knit all day every day and put up pieces every where I love to be.

3.In  Anne Rice’s  ‘The Vampire Lestat” vampires can be almost immortal-live thousands of years. Thus they can assemble excellent libraries and art collections. Very inspiring.

4. What is the reason for living when you are a vampire and you live for thousands of years? Marius the ancient Roman tells Lestat to enter the age he lives in, wear the clothes , understand the art, embrace the progress of the age. Yarnbombing, doing street art, blogging, using Facebook to post yarnbombing pictures- all this throws me into this flashing and fascinating age we live in. Yarnbombing brings my knitting and textiles into 2011.

I put up this yarnbomb at The San Jose Museum last Sat. Jan 29 2011.I liked how the red and black knitting matched their museum sign.We’ve  yarnbombed 6 California Art Museums as an ongoing  street art installation.I thought this was a good knitted pole for a vampire.

4 thoughts on “Yarnbombing And Vampires

  1. yes, the match with the sign is dramatic, and the drama of the vivid red, black and white is matched by the shape and texture’s invitation to a comforting tactile connection. Bravo!

  2. I don’t know if you had intentionally matched the colours of the yardbomb to the museum sign, but the matching colours combined with the playful texture and design makes it truly stunning. I hope it lasts (or lasted) a very long time.

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