Getting to be on NPR- Knitting Resurgence

There is a news program called”‘On Point With Tom Ashbrook” that did a one hour program today on “The Resurgence Of Knitting”. On Sat. night they sent me an e-mail and asked if I would pre interview  on Monday to talk about yarnbombing on the show Well, NPR. Everyone loves NPR. So I had an excellent interview with Kathleen Osborn and they asked me to be on the show. This was very great but I had jury duty and I had a wicked cough. This worked well, I coughed in jury duty, they ushered me out and this morning ” On Point ” called me and put me on hold until Tom was ready.

It was a very soothing show. Everyone was talking about sheep and back to the land, charity knitting, the meditative aspects of knitting. Time was ticking by. I wondered if they would get to me . I wondered if I would cough. I really wondered if yarnbombing would go with the sheep.

At last they put me on. I  described the wonderful way knitting looked on the street.And how we put knitting up in front of museums to question the nature of art.There was a long pause. Everyone went on to discuss children and knitting . Tom was truly kind. So there it was.

Knitting is so many things. And yarnbombing is a great knitting  twist and shout.

The show is here. I’m at the end at 37.05

9 thoughts on “Getting to be on NPR- Knitting Resurgence

  1. This is awesome.

    We are coming to the Bay Area this weekend. Some activity called “Stitches”, hooray.

    I hope I can see some of your art in person.

  2. I think one of the most lovely things about the resurgence of knitting and other DIY arts is the celebration of the idea that everyone can make beauty. (Think art is done by elite artists. Think again.) One of the most lovely things about your yarnbombing is that is celebrates the idea that everyplace can be beautiful. (Think that art is indoors and in museums. Think again.)
    Thanks for making us do visual and cognitive double takes!

  3. Thanks for sharing! Great story. I had NO idea of the size of your installations until you said it on the show. The scale isn’t as obvious in the photos. I don’t know why I didn’t think they were so big. Now it makes sense.

    • We knit them to be 7 to 30 ft long {for a bike rack}. They shrink up on the pole depending on how tight we knit them.Our earlier ones were smaller, maybe 5ft. I should have said our largest ones are 7 ft.

  4. I’m so happy you’re being recognized and this NPR segment is AWESOME for my research. Thanks again for letting me interview you and keep up the good work, you really do inspire people, you’ve helped inspire me. Great job on the show!

  5. I discovered one of these on a pole outside of the Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History. Despite being soaked completely through with rainwater, I found it interesting – a different sort of “street art” than your normally see.
    Your creations are wild and wonderful and intriguing, and I look forward to seeing future installations.

  6. Just drifted onto your blog and WOW love the idea of yarnbombing – all that colour – lifts those boring metal poles into ART! Keep knitting!

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