Where’s The Yarnbombing? What’s Taking So Long?

I’ve been very busy with my knitting and my coughing. And my very important thoughts. I have knit 30 ft  to go over a long waving bike rack across the street from The Cheese board.That’s 3 weeks of knitting and spinning for one bike rack and I have seriously doubted my sanity. Even more than usual. But I have a real eye hunger for that curving metal to be covered with color. And all that knitting helps me think.

Here’s What I Thought About;

1 The  Berkeley Yarnbombs are getting pretty faded and beat up. When should I take them down?

2.Should I take them down and put up new ones in the same places?

3.We made an installation all over Berkeley and got lots of fun articles, blogs and attention. What else can we do new?

4.What do my eyes long to see?

5.What do I long to make?

The unsuspecting bike racks in the Gourmet Ghetto.

Tell me what you think.

3 thoughts on “Where’s The Yarnbombing? What’s Taking So Long?

  1. First, I can’t wait for you to yarnbomb this bike rack, but I hesitate to think what my bike & lock are going to do the yarn! I’m going to be super careful. As for question 1 & 2: I would miss them, if you removed them, and how they wear is kind of interesting–I don’t know if you would be interesting in adding to them or doing new ones in their places, but, boy, would I miss them if they were gone. I don’t know any answers to the other questions, but I have to say your yarnbombs are the best, in that they don’t interfere with another’s art (like yarnbombs on sculptures), and they really beautify, enhance, brighten, and bring a smile. I hope for more beauty, enhancement, brightness, and smiles.

  2. I am really grateful for this comment-it helps me think. Also -the bikes and the yarn. The bikes will shred the yarn some but I like that. I like the soft yarn and the metal and the friction. HMMM_ that sounds more suggestive than I intended.

  3. No answers here, especially since I am experiencing your yarnbombs through photos. Speaking of which, the photos in this post are beauty in bundles. Horizontal and rolled incite 2 different kinds of happy energy for me.

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