Tips For Aspiring Yarnbombers

So I hear you’re thinking of becoming a yarnbomber.  And you would like some tips. I’ve been thinking  a lot about my early adventures and here is my advice;

1 Start close to home. Look at every pole and rack near by and imagine them covered with knitting. A lot of what is fun about making art is day dreaming and picturing what you want to do.

2. Also- starting close to home will let you keep an eye on your work. You will want to run out the door every morning to see how it looks. And if it is still there.

3. Measure your pole or rack. Actually -start carrying a measuring tape at all times .

You never know when you might want to measure something.

4.Knit the work so it will fit tightly.I have been plagued by saggy yarnbombs.

5.Decide if you want to sneak around by yourself or sneak in a group. Are you yarnbomber type A-The Single Sneaker or Y arnbomber type B- A  Group Sneaker.

6.Buy a little pair of scissors and a tapestry needle to sew your pieces onto poles.

No-buy 25 tapestry needles because they will disappear as fast as you can unwrap them.

7.Get your hands on a digital camera and take lots and lots of pictures. You might not get to see that piece again.

8.Knit big.

9.Be bold.

10.Make it beautiful. You are in everyone’s space-it’s only polite.

And remember -you never know if this is legal or not. Start discretely and work your way up.

It’s  fun , isn’t it.

This yarnbomb was for CCA and was knit by the fabulous Russian.It’s on Broadway in Oakland if you want to see it.

Here is another fun blog link about our yarnbomb in PT. Reyes here.

Get cracking!

9 thoughts on “Tips For Aspiring Yarnbombers

  1. This is my second visit to your tips post. I don’t knit, but your tips seem like great advice to any of the doing-what-you-love part of life.

  2. I don’t know if you’d seen this, but I thought you might enjoy these pieces in Pennsylvania. I ride bart, and often think the poles I hang onto every day might be nice with a yarn accent …

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